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Since you are on this guild page you probably know we are a newly formed guild on the Fippy Darkpaw server on the game EverQuest.
We aim to be a close, family orientated guild in which everyone will get to know each other and therefor work together very well in groups and in the future, raids.
There are only a few rules to the guild:
  • No abusing other members,
  • No begging others for free items/money,
  • Never do anything which could ruin the reputation of the guild (Abuse/swearing in out of character, begging random people, training others etc),
  • If you are caught account sharing, plat buying or scamming others you WILL be kicked without warning. This has been done already and is not tolerated!

There is also the rule on members joining the guild.
We do NOT invite random people who just ask to join the guild and will not invite people that members of the guild recommend or ask to join.
The only people that will be invited to the guild are them that are asked to join by one of the few officers of the guild; these are people who I personally trust with their judgement on people so that the guild will only have the genuine and nice people join.
The way to find this out will be through grouping multiple times with them and/or having regular conversation with the person to know what their personality is like.

Sorry to those who may wish to join and have not been invited! Show your face to the Lightworkers and get to know us and who knows - you may get invited!

Many thanks for reading,

-= Hakku =-
(Lightworker, Guildleader)

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